Veg Box

We are super excited to offer our veg box scheme in 2021 as a CSA!

As a member of The Living Projects CSA you will receive a veg box weekly or fortnightly, full of freshly grown food from our no dig regenerative market garden on the outskirts of Dartington.

What makes us different is that we are a multidisciplinary project that was founded by young people for young people. We support initiatives that create social health and wellbeing from land based learning experiences and education. Our veg boxes support us continuing to incubate exciting ideas and support local young people and if you sign up you automatically become a member. 

Our boxes come in one size and will have a variety of fresh produce grown and harvested by our community volunteers and core team and will be available each Sunday afternoon for pick up from Pondfield. 

Over the past year we have been exploring a number of ways that we can support ourselves to become sustainable and self-sufficient, our veg box is one of the ways that will help us to continue to build our work for learning and wellbeing within the Dartington landscape. 

Annual payment options:

Every fortnight from June till November for £220

Every week from June till November for £430


Monthly payment plan

Every fortnight from June till November
6 payments of £39 (total of £230)  taken out on the 1st of the month

Every week from June till November
6 payments of £75 (total of £450) taken out on the 1st of the month

Once you have worked out how often you want to receive a box, just click the right link above to pay for your box or set up a direct debit.


Once you've set up your payment then drop us an email at tlp.pondfield@gmail.com and we’ll send through confirmation and further information about your box. 

"Community supported agriculture (CSA) is a partnership between farmers and consumers in which the responsibilities, risks and rewards of farming are shared. CSA helps to address increasing concerns about the lack of transparency, sustainability and resilience of our food system. It is one of the most radical ways that we can re-take control and ownership of our food system.” Read more here



Are the veg boxes limited?

Yes. We have 20 spaces for veg boxes for 2021, it means that we can produce 10 veg boxes a week and alternate each week. Once these spaces are filled for 2021 we will not be opening any more until the following year. We hope to fill all spaces by the 5th of June so act quick if you want to secure your spot. 


What does it cost?

Each box costs £16.50 for a medium sized selection of veg. We provide veg boxes over the course of 26 weeks. This means a total of £220 for fortnightly boxes and £430 for weekly boxes. You pay a little bit more if you set up a direct debit. We also aim to supply a December free bonus box depending on what crop we have left and availability. 


Where do I collect my veg box from?

Fortnightly or weekly on Sundays from Pondfield after 4pm. When we start the veg boxes in June we will notify you of your pick up dates via email. If for accessibility reasons you are unable to pick up from the site then we can organise an alternative way of getting your veg box to you and are also exploring delivery possibilities. 

What do I get in my box?

We grow a range of veg in our market garden and will provide in season fresh veg and if we’re lucky some berries! We don’t have an organic certification but our produce is grown to the same standard in a regenerative way without pesticides.

How do I know which box to take?
All veg boxes will be more or less the same so you can take anyone away and it will contain the same produce. We ask that you return your box each time you come to collect your new box so we can recycle and reuse. 


What size are the boxes?

Each veg box will feed roughly a person for over a week or a family for under a week and have between 6 - 10 types of vegetables in them each fortnight. Your veg might be quirky and odd sizes as we believe it’s important not to waste produce, as well as vegetables naturally grow in all sizes. You might also get a bit of mud in your box as we don’t yet have washing or kitchen facilities on site. We don’t use pesticides so it’s quite normal to find the odd slug or snail, just make sure you give your veg a good wash before you eat it.