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Grow & Share

Grow and Share explores models of living that are better for both people and planet, providing a free learning experience in agrecological food production, particularly those who may not typically feel welcome in rural working spaces.


This initiative is inspired by the CSA model, but rather than members paying for their veg, they give their time and learn to grow it themselves. Each week participants walk away with a veg box and any excess veg is distributed locally. We provide a unique, peer to peer educational opportunity. The year long experience includes weekly hands on sessions guided by experienced growers and anytime access to the growing space. As well as facilitating practical veg growing, we explore how engaging with food and land is integral to systemic change, fostering an environment that supports the development of participant's ideas, within a network of other change makers.

You can apply to grow with us through a whole season (March-November) or follow along with what we get up to @grow_share on Instagram. 

To contact the grow share team please reach out to

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