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Grow & Share

Pondfield Grow & Share is a new scheme offered by The Living Projects to support the sharing of regenerative food growing skills & knowledge whilst creating a thriving community run market garden and also addressing food insecurity with participants taking home a portion of the food grown in the scheme.

This is a great opportunity to learn how to raise plants from seed, tend and grow vegetables in the garden to harvest.

Growing Knowledge and Skills.

This is a unique opportunity for a group of people to take a 6 month journey together to learn about sustainable horticulture, hands on, in a broader setting of regeneratively managed land at Pondfield. The connection to the way the land is managed will be a wider learning for the group and how the rest of the site is connected to the garden (the wild bee hive and the meadow enhances pollinator abundance; the meadow provides essential mulch for beds; the hedgerows provide the structural poles for plant training/support systems; the orchard, the hedges and trees, and the landscaping of the banks, begin to provide the shelter that a garden in an open field requires for its longevity). Live tuition from an experienced grower, with guided days to ensure growers are learning from the land and each other, are a core part of the valuable learning experience on offer here.


We welcome experienced, new and novice gardeners who are itching to grow food together with others, sharing the time, energy, labour and responsibility through a community led model.


What we are looking for:

We are looking for between 8 and 16 local people (roughly aged 18-35) who can contribute 4 hours a week (ideally on a Thursday afternoon/evening) from April - September and are open to becoming a member of The Living Projects for £5 to £10 a month.

What you’ll get in return:

Access to a professional grower’s time and tuition
Peer to peer food growing network & hub
All seeds and necessary tools for gardening
Polytunnel & irrigable gardening areas,
Access to site facilities including toilet, kitchen, cabin
Ownership and input into the scheme
Loads of veg!

If your interested in joining the scheme then fill out the form below to express your interest and we'll be in touch for an on boarding day at the beginning of April. 



Our community volunteer days on Sundays will still run alongside the Grow & Share scheme but will be separate as the focus of these days will be community building. (Hence the hours for the Grow & Share scheme being during the week.) You are welcome to attend both. 

We are also awaiting news on funding bid regarding the Grow & Share scheme. If successful the scheme will be resourced and we'll be able to offer a lot more than initially shared above.


If you have any questions please email 



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