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Membership of The Living Projects is an opportunity both to support and belong to a vital community land project in the heart of Dartington.


Being a member means:


  • You can hire our beautiful space as a venue for hosting your own events, connecting people and land. 

  • You can connect to an incredible community of local people who care deeply about the earth. 

  • You can join us for four seasonal events designed specifically for members, celebrating the earth-based wheel of the year, connecting to the land, building our community and sharing ideas and dreams for TLP.

  • You are invited to shape what goes on at The Living Projects and its path into the future.

Being a member also enables/supports The Living Projects to continue to be an independent, thriving, community land project.


Membership contributions go towards:

  • Core staff costs to manage bookings, tend the land & keep the site clean.

  • Re-generatively tending the land 

  • Site Maintenance and upkeep

  • Hosting our 4 members days per year 

As we expand and look to securing our future in the Dartington landscape, we are finding pathways to become more sustainable in our long term vision as a project and we would like to offer members more opportunities to join us in the continued development of The Living Projects.

We want this to be a participatory project for everyone, especially for those who feel aligned and supportive of our vision even if you are not necessarily able to join us on the land for whatever reasons. 

We have designed a donation based membership scheme for those who want to support, who regularly use the land and/or who want to ensure our continued growth and flourishing as a community asset. 

We want this space to always remain open, hence being a donation based membership scheme. This means you can donate as little or as much as you want but to make things simple we have split donations into two different tiers with different perks available for each one. 

We want to make sure that those in our community without funds can still contribute in some way so you can still become a member even if finances are a struggle.

 You can find out more in our membership FAQ below.


Become a member


£3/£5 per month

  • A yearly feedback event
    We offer a yearly event for all members to hear what we’ve been up to and feedback into our vision, strategy and develop

  • Four membership days per year
    We will host four beautiful tailored events throughout the year that are our way of saying thank you and offering the richness of the land and our project. 




£10 per month

  • Yearly feedback event & four membership days per year 

  • One Yearly Free Roundhouse Booking - A weekday evening or daytime booking of the roundhouse and meadow including firewood. Members are able to book the roundhouse for a private event, this might be a birthday, a celebration, a movie night or fireside time with family and friends.You will need to get in touch with the team in order to book the space in advance through the booking system and the Sauna can be rented as extra. 





Membership FAQ

Membership FAQ

How do I become a Member?

You can become a member as soon as you start donating either £3/£5/£10 per month. If finances are a barrier then you can still become a member just by emailing us and letting us know you would like to become one. Everyone who uses the Pondfield site needs to be a registered member. 

Do I need to become a member if I want to come to Pondfield?

We encourage anyone who regularly uses the site to become members to make sure you are kept in the loop about opportunities, changes or important notices. It also means that the majority of people using our land are members in some way and therefore using the space responsibly.


What does it mean if I become a member?

You will have access to the four member events we put on throughout the year as well as a yearly feedback event that helps us gain insight from our local community to make decisions about the project. As a member you have the opportunity to support the direction and delivery of the project through how you choose to participate plus its continued growth and flourishing through your financial support.

Does being a member mean I can use the site whenever I want?
No. Becoming a member does not entitle you to use the land without prior booking or consent from the core organising team. Please do not show up on the land without prior arrangement. Donating £120 a year does entitle you to one booking of the roundhouse space but that this will depend on what days and times are available. 

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

Yes, just drop us an email. However if you are donating £10 per month and want to redeem your perk of a free roundhouse booking but have cancelled your membership and have only been paying for a few months, then we may ask for extra payment to cover the cost of your roundhouse booking. If you can continue donating regularly even at the lowest level, it does make a big difference on how far we can plan ahead. 

Where does my donation go?

If you are donating £3/£5 a month - your donation goes towards the running of the four members events we will be hosting throughout the year and our yearly AGM style event. The rest of your donation goes towards your perk like the roundhouse booking. Anything left over helps us cover overheads, time coordinating the membership scheme and goes directly back into the project. 

Can I pay a one-off yearly donation?

Yes, one-off yearly donations are great! If you want to donate £10 per month (£120 per year) and redeem your roundhouse booking then a yearly donation is great and there is already an option above. You will still need to schedule your booking for the roundhouse with the core team. If you want to pay a yearly donation at another price then just email us.

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